Ascott Press Release

Ascott Group International launches the Ascott English Academy

HONOLULU, Jan. 27, 2021 – The Ascott Group International, a world leader in English-language training, announced today the upcoming launch of the Ascott Academy, a private, online education program designed specifically for native Japanese speakers. The Academy is an extension of Ascott’s Private Client Program, which since 2017 has provided discerning Japanese professionals with one-on-one training designed to sharpen their English skills to the level of native speakers. Now the Ascott English Academy will allow a new group of students to benefit from founder Scott Perry’s 35 years of experience, through a suite of advanced and highly-customized online programs.

The Ascott English Academy members-only program is one of the most expensive in this industry. Some of the membership entry options exceed $40,000 and cater to clients that want or need privacy and flexibility. There are other membership levels under $10,000 and all are welcome to apply. Ascott Academy has a 500 member limit.

The Ascott English Academy will be a rich and easily accessible resource for elite clients looking to pass their TOEIC/TOEFL tests, study for USMLE medical exam, pass their movie audition, speak publicly in English, or simply polish their business and casual conversation for everyday use.

“I’m excited to finally launch the Ascott English Academy,” said CEO and founder Scott Perry. The techniques that I have developed over the last 35 years are all coming together here under one roof. “If you’re looking to taking your English to the next level and finally achieve perfect pronunciation and better listening ability among other things, the Ascott English Academy is your answer.”

Created to serve only those who are serious about their education, the Ascott English Academy has a strict admission policy and limited membership. The Academy will feature numerous programs tailor-made for children, adults, and seniors, including:

  • Pronunciation
  • Conversation
  • Writing
  • Voice training
  • Acting
  • And more

The private English Academy is headed by Scott Perry, a UCLA-educated English teacher and movie dialogue coach whose clients have included Hitachi, Sony, and Suntory, Hollywood studios and more. His Scott Perry Method is focused on teaching Japanese clients to pronounce English at a native level in any situation with confidence. The Academy’s teachers are hand-picked by Scott from all over the world to provide a top-notch experience in English education. For more information about The Ascott Group and how to apply, visit their website.